Streaming MP3 Audio & Video

Here are instructions for preparing MP3 files for use on the Web.

To stream an mp3 file, upload your mp3 file with an FTP program in BINARY format. Your FTP program should automatically detect that it is an MP3 but in some cases it does not. Next, create a text file with a .m3u extension, such as mysong.m3u. The .m3u file should contain only the URL to your mp3 file that you have have already uploaded, such as:


The link in the .m3u file must specify your web site address.

Upload mysong.m3u to your web site.

Lastly, somewhere on your web site you will need to create a link that "points" to the .m3u file. If you are using SiteBuilder drag across a phrase to highlight it and then click Link at the top of the page. Select the .m3u file that you uploaded. Otherwise, using your design program to create the link.

Example: <a href="mysong.m3u">My Favorite Song</a>

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