NOTE: By accessing your new account you are agreeing to certain terms and conditions listed below. You also acknowledge that future billing is AUTOMATIC. You will receive an invoice 10 days in advance of each charge but will AUTOMATICALLY be charged unless you cancel following the steps outlined in this agreement.

In addition to our standard Terms of Service provided online and in your welcome message the following additions apply with equal force of law.

Minimum Contract : By accepting a free or discounted domain name offer you are obligated for the term equal to the number of years of hosting that you signed up for, and for a term of no less than one year. Domain names are purchased annually and no refunds of any unused portion are allowed per ICANN Policies and Procedures. However; domain names provided as part of a promotion may be registered in the end-users name, and may appear in a Whois lookup as the end-user provided information as a courtesy. Hosting Solutions, however, remains the exclusive owner of the domain name until released to the end-user. Hosting Solutions cannot pay for a new domain name or a renewal unless the domain name is owned by Hosting Solutions. In the event that customer terminates service Hosting Solutions remains the exclusive owner of the domain name until the end-user is charged and an early termination fee is collected. Upon receipt of payment the domain name will then be released to the customer. Free domain names are only available at the time of initial purchase.

Waiver of Money Back Guarantee: Because of fraud, buy accepting a free domain name you waiver any money back guarantee. Once we pay to purchase a domain name for your use we cannot receive a refund for it. Therefore, there are no refunds unless the customer can document a physical hardware failure of our server(s) or network. Customers that attempt to force a refund will immediately be assigned to our outside collection agency and this may cause negative entries to be placed on your credit report(s). We're sorry to say that we have been on the wrong of fraud too many times.

Failure to Pay: The Company may temporarily deny service or terminate this Agreement upon the failure of Subscriber to pay charges when due. Such termination or denial will not relieve Subscriber of responsibility for the payment of all accrued charges, plus reasonable interest and any collection fees. Hosting Solutions will not be liable for any lost profits as a result of suspension.

Account Cancellation: Cancellations may only be made in writing to protect your account against unauthorized cancellations. Please complete a cancellation form that is located on our support tutorials page. Accounts cannot at any time be cancelled by telephone, support ticket, or email and customers are required to have all original login info so that we may verify your identity and protect you from a fraudulent or malicious cancellation. Cancellations must be received no less than 30 days prior to the next billing date. Billing notices are sent at least 10 days in advance of actual collection of fees. Canceling your account does not relieve you of your minimum contractual obligation. If you have subscribed for any period less than one year an early termination fee shall apply.

Collection Action: In the event any person fails to pay the full amount an invoice or such other sum on or before the due date, Hosting Solutions, Inc. may add to such unpaid assessment or sum an amount not more than ten percent but not less than one dollar of the same to defray the cost of enforcing the collection of such assessment, together with interest on the unpaid balance of one percent per month commencing the first month following the month in which payment was due. Additionally, a fee as prescribed by individual state laws may applied. In the event of failure of such person or persons to pay any such due and payable assessment or other such sum, Hosting Solutions, Inc. may bring a civil action against such person or persons in a state court of competent jurisdiction for the collection thereof, together with the interest, state law authorized collection fees, and the above specified ten percent thereon, and such reasonable attorneys' fees as may be allowed by the court, and such action shall be tried and judgment rendered as in any other cause of action for debt due and payable.

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